Brain gym exercise

Do you want to improve your learning abilities and unlock more of your brain’s potential?  Fortunately, there are groups of exercises that specialize in enhancing or restoring the natural neural pathways in the brain.  These are brain gym exercises.

What are brain gym exercises?

According to Hyatt (2007), brain gym is a set of movement activities including “crawling, drawing, tracing symbols in the air, yawning, and drinking water.” Brain gym is intended to improve the brain and enhance the learning capabilities and potentials by repeating certain body movements.

Brain gym refers to specific set of processes, movements, programs, materials, materials, and educational philosophy.

Mission goals of brain gym

According to the Brain Gym website, the mission goals of brain gym are the following:

  • promote play and the joy of learning
  • draw out and honor innate intelligence
  • build awareness about the value of movement in daily life
  • emphasize the ability to notice and respond to movement-based needs
  • encourage self-responsibility
  • leave each participant appreciated and valued
  • empower each participant to better take charge of his own learning
  • encourage creativity and self expression
  • inspire an appreciation of music, physical education and the fine arts

Creators of brain gym

Brain gym was created by Dr. Paul Dennison and Gail E. Dennison in the 1980’s. At that time, they were looking for more effective ways to educate individuals.

After drawing from developmental specialists’ research regarding the use of physical movements to enhance learning ability, they came up with “Educational Kinesiology” or Edu-K. This then became an organization called the Educational Kinesiology Foundation and was situated in Ventura, California.

They worked with Richard Tyler, a chiropractor and a proponent of alternative chiropractics. Many people who are knowledgeable about chiropractics deem brain gym as something that merits attention.

In 2000, the Educational Kinesiology Foundation became Brain Gym International. Over 87 countries started to use Brain Gym resources, and the method has been translated into over 40 languages.

Today, brain gym has been incorporated in many schools, business, sports, and seniors programs around the world. Many scholarly publications and case studies acknowledge the effectiveness of brain gym activities for different age groups, including children and adults recovering from injuries and those who have been diagnosed with autism.

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Everyday brain gym exercises

Aside from your daily physical work out that strengthens your body , there are also some sets of exercises that can benefit your brain and memory. These brain gym exercises are easy to do and won’t empty your pockets. Experts recommend that performing brain gym exercises related to real world scenarios can improve brain performance more than playing games can.

David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and assistant professor, suggests doing simple activities such as driving home via a different route and brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. He adds that the more senses used to do certain tasks, the better you will perform. That is why it is always easier to memorize a song rather than remember the words without the music.

Dr. John Morley, the author of The Science of Staying Young and director of St. Louis University’s Division of Geriatric Medicine, lists brain exercises that will help sharpen mental abilities:

Take a cooking class

Cooking involves most of the senses including touch, smell, sight, and taste and as such makes use of different parts of the brain. Learning how to cook a new cuisine will exercise the brain.

Learn a musical instrument

Learning a new and complex activity over a long period of time is beneficial to an aging mind. This includes learning a new musical instrument or joining a choir.

Test your recall

Make a list, such as things you need to do, or grocery items, and memorize it. After one hour, try to recall as many of the items as you can. This simple activity is a great mental stimulator. You can make the items as difficult as possible for more of a challenge.

Learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign languages involves listening and speaking, both of which enhance the brain. It also prevents the brain from aging, aside from improving your vocabulary.

Calculate in your head

Do the math in your head. Add, subtract, and solve other math problems without the use of paper, pen, or calculator. You can make it more difficult by doing sums while you walk or do sports.

Test your taste buds

When you eat, try to determine the ingredients of the meal, including the herbs and spices.

Hone your hand eye coordination

Do some new activities that involve fine motor skills. Such as knitting, painting, coloring, drawing, assembling a puzzle, etc.

Learn a new sport

Performing exercises that are new to you will not only exercise your body, but will also enhance your mind. Athletic exercises such as pilates, yoga, or golf can enhance the mind and body.

Draw a map from memory

Try to draw a map of a place you visited recently. Do this every time you go to a new place.

Make word pictures

Imagine the spelling of a word then try to think of other words that end up or begin with the same two letters.

Brain gym exercises as simple as these can enhance the brain and prevent its aging. Now keeping the brain as healthy as possible is as easy as working out or preventing heart disease.

Brain gym exercise: thinking cap

One brain gym exercise that you can try right now and will immediately feel the effect of is the thinking cap. Turn your head to the left and look as far as you can. You can feel the tension in your neck. Next, turn your head to the right and look to the right as far as you can. You can also feel the tension. Turn your neck back to its normal position. Massage your ears by unrolling the folds starting from the top through the bottom. Do this three times.

Most people who do this brain gym exercise will experience a very positive effect. By doing it, your mind/body system is relaxed so you organize yourself better. In this thinking cap brain gym exercise, your body is subconsciously able to organize itself to easily turn your head.

If this very simple brain gym exercise can enhance the brain, imagine how much more complex brain gym exercises can increase your mental acuity.

Brain gym exercises for children

Brain gym exercises focus on brain functions in three different ways – focus, centering, and lateral. Many educational institutions adapt brain gym exercises so that the students’ attention and abilities will be improved.

  • When centering exercises are performed before reading to relax the body and make the mind alert.
  • The movements such as crossing the middle of the body are ideal for active children. Exercises such as hopping in lines, and moving the right hand touch the left foot can be done before starting class.
  • Movements such as stretching into positions while taking deep breaths can enhance focus, improve attention, and sharpen learning abilities.

The following are more specific brain gym exercises that can be done to enhance children’s learning experience:

Deep breathing or “elevator breathing”

Children love to do this exercise. Ask the children to lie down or sit in a crossed legged position.

As they breathe naturally, give them the following instructions: Imagine that your breath is an elevator that is being taken to different parts of the body. Breathe in and take the elevator breath through your nose. Then breathe out the air. Next, take the elevator breath up to your chest. Hold it as long as you can. Then breathe out all the air. Now, breathe in and take your breath up through your throat into your face and forehead. Hold it. Then breathe out all the air that it feels like all your worries and troubles are breathe out too.

This elevator breathing moves the breath to all parts of the body. It enhances the memory and improves emotional control.

Playing card and board games

Your family game night may involve concentration, problem solving, planning, and cooperation. It improves attention, focus, coordination, and tolerance of frustration in adults as well as children. Games are fun and enhance family relationships. These games may include chess, checkers, Monopoly, UNO, Hearts, Go Fish, and Speed.

Brain and body coordination exercise

When we do brain gym exercises that involve the brain and body, their functions work more collaboratively and stay in sync. Motor coordination is the task of both the body and mind. When kids perform the brain and body coordination exercises below, the important functions of their brains will lead to an overall improvement in brain performance.

  • Using the non-dominant hand. Ask the children to try using their non-dominant hands when doing activities. If they are right handed, ask them to try using their left hand and if they are left handed, ask them to use their right hands. Activities may include writing, eating, picking up thing, etc.
  • Do simple exercises. You and your children can do simple exercises such as sitting and touching your right knee with your left elbow and your left knee with your right elbow, and repeat it several times. You can also sit on the floor with feet wide apart. Touch your right foot with your left hand and touch your left foot with your right hand, and repeat several times.

These simple exercises will enhance brain performance

Wiggling the toes

When the children wake up in the morning and before getting out of bed, ask them to wiggle all their toes slowly. After few minutes, move just the two big toes.

Weird movements as brain gym exercises

Reader’s Digest lists 14 weird brain exercises that make people smarter. Some are as simple as using your non-dominant hand for tasks, so as to give the brain new experiences. These mini mental work outs make the brain healthier, prevent memory loss, and sharpen the mind. Some of the Reader’s Digest’s weird brain exercises are listed below:

Shower with eyes closed

Showering with your eyes closed is a good brain exercise. You use different senses to locate the soap, shampoos, taps, and other things you use or do while in shower. Your hands will feel the different textures of your own body and the signals will be sent back to your brain. Rinse, wash, and shave also with your eyes shut

Turn familiar objects upside down.

Turn the photographs on your table, a calendar, or desk clock upside down. When you look at them in an upside down position, your left brain immediately labels them and switches your attention else where. Your right brain tries to interpret the colours, shapes, and associations of the puzzling picture.

Switch seats at the dining table

In most homes, each family member has her or his “own” seat around the dining table. But did you know that switching to a new position will also change your view of the room, who you talk to, and how you reach for the food. These new experiences benefit your brain.

Scan items at the supermarket

Shopping can also be beneficial to the brain, but this doesn’t mean that you should buy all the items you see. Scan each aisle from top to bottom, and if you find an unfamiliar item, pick it up, read its ingredients, and think about it. This way you break your routine and have a new experience.

Read differently

We usually read silently. To enhance the function and health of our brains, try reading in a different way. Read aloud, listen to reading, or read with a partner. It may take you quite a while to finish a book, but there’s a bonus to it: you get to spend quality time with a friend or partner.

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