Brain training for kids

Children are interesting, and often seem to act and speak randomly, without any forethought. It is always fun to know what they are thinking, because they are learning, and imitate what they observe from other people. The differences among kids are also very noticeable.

Some of them memorize your phone password easily, while others don’t. Some learn to write their names in minutes, while other kids take hours to finish. Most children have short attention spans, but some can focus on one thing for long periods of time.

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The ability of children to excel at specific tasks, plan ahead, regulate their emotions, solve arithmetical problems and communicate is all strongly influenced by the executive functions of the brain.

Scientists claim that the executive functions, or how our brains are wired, can be changed. This means that parents and teachers can improve how their children perform at certain tasks through training and practice. Rewiring executive functions allow children to be more academically successful, cope better with life’s daily challenges, and improve their psychosocial skills, which eventually lead to more productive and healthy lives.

There are a lot of brain training exercises available for kids in books and on the Internet, thanks to Brain Gym International, the organization that spearheaded the movement and resources to enhance the overall health and performance of brain. Here are some of brain training exercises for kids that will help improve their performance:

The brain and body coordination workout

By exercising both our brain and body, we improve their different functions and make them work collaboratively. These kinds of workouts enhance the integration of vital brain functions that lead to overall mental and body health.

Using your non-dominant hand

If you child is left-handed, ask him or her to use his or her right hand. If he or she is right handed, ask him or her to use his or her left hand. Using the non-dominant hand enhances creativity and warms up nerves that are used infrequently.

Wiggling the toes

Every morning before getting out of bed, ask your child to moving his/her toes up and down, slowly. After few minutes, move only the two big toes. This simple brain training exercise enhances coordination.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Let your kids play a musical instrument, such as piano or ukulele. It is an effective way to improve brain integration by utilizing different sensory organs.

Playing games

Playing games such as chess, Monopoly, UNO, Hearts and other card and board games is not only fun, but is also good for the brain. Games like Operation and Jenga increase concentration, coordination, and frustration tolerance.

UNO, Hearts, and other card games improve problem solving skills, cooperation, and planning. Playing games at least once a week strengthens social relationship among family members, which is vital in the development of childrens’ brains.

Playing online games

Kids love playing online and computer games. These are effective for brain training. There are a lot of websites that offer free games, which improve academic skills. However, parents should still ascertain a length of “screen time” that is ideal for kids.

Drawing the figure 8

Teachers can enhance their students’ ability to comprehend lessons and improve their creativity with figure 8 exercises. Ask students to draw a figure 8 in the air, or on a piece of paper, using their non-dominant hand. Instruct students to draw it loosely and quickly several times in one minute. This exercise effectively releases creative hormones before students take on a creative activity, such as drawing or writing stories.

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