Bri Nutrition 5-HTP Supplement Review

Bri Nutrition 5-HTP Supplement

Brain power and focus can often be connected to certain vitamins and nutrients that you take in. Of course, your body produces some of these nutrients naturally. However, for some people, your body may not be producing enough nutrients to keep you focused.

We have all done something odd at times, like went to work or church and fallen asleep. Staying awake during certain times can be hard for some people. Our body is working against us and telling us that whatever we are doing is boring so just take a nap. Even during times where you need to stay awake and focus, it can be hard to do so.

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That is why Brain Boosters were made – to help supplement the proteins and nutrients your body is not making enough of. No more falling asleep when you should be paying attention or taking notes. One of the best all natural brain boosters on the market is Bri Nutrition 5-HTP.


There are several reasons why Bri Nutrition is a wonderful brain booster supplement. With 120 capsules, you get more than enough value. They pack their supplements with high-quality ingredients. The 5-HTP in the name means a lot. 5-HTP is the main ingredient and it helps your brain in producing serotonin.

Typically, many people lack this important protein in their everyday diet and therefore focusing on serotonin is a great thing. Serotonin helps with your mood and well-being so you can expect to feel better in more ways than one with this supplement. Remedy any depression, anxiety, or lack of sleep with Bri Nutrition 5-HTP.


  • Helps your brain produce serotonin
  • Comes with 120 capsules
  • Produced with high-quality ingredients
  • Helps with depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep
  • Helps in appetite control
  • Known to prevent seizures
  • Easy to swallow capsules


  • Bad after taste
  • Bigger sized capsules
  • Must be taken on an empty stomach
  • Harder to ween off after long term use
  • Limit to amount you can take (300mg)
  • Makes you drowsy


Overall, Bri Nutrition 5-HTP has a lot to offer. For anyone suffering from depression, you no longer have to. The extra dopamine produced by this supplement is more than enough to lift your spirits. Improve your overall well-being and remove any negative thoughts with Bri Nutrition 5-HTP.

It is important that you take this pill on an empty stomach, likely right before bed. It can make you drowsy so taking it during the day is not advised. Are you suffering from overeating or an aggressive appetite? Then this supplement can help you with that as well! With proven appetite control ingredients, Bri Nutrition 5-HTP can also help you with cutting back on some foods.

For those who have a hard time swallowing pills, you will not have any troubles with this pill. With a smooth outer layer, the capsules go down easily. You should be careful with how much dosage you take, however. Excessive amounts of dopamine can make your depression worse, so it is advised not to go over 300mg.

It is also important to note that after using Bri Nutrition for long periods of time, it can be hard to stop using it suddenly. Your body will get used to the extra boost of dopamine from the pills. Bri Nutrition 5-HTP is great for improving your depression, anxiety, and sleep. The results are fast and they have also been known to help with seizures!


Bri Nutrition is not the only company who has produced 5-HTP supplement pills. Others have tried, but do not provide the quality that comes with BriNutrition. Let’s Take Natrol 5-HTP Supplement for example.

Natrol 5-HTP boasts a fast dissolving wild berry flavor supplement. Coming with only 30 capsules, the value already does not match Bri Nutrition’s 120 Capsules. The design of the capsule is impressive, however. It does not take any water or liquid to take these pills as they dissolve on the tongue.

This is perfect for anyone not looking for a capsule to swallow or someone who has a strong gag reflex. The design does have some drawbacks though. Occasionally the pills will have dissolved inside the bottle before you can use them.

Unlike with Bri Nutrition, all of the ingredients used in Natrol’s 5-HTP supplement are healthy to use. Natrol contains Xylitol which has been known to cause some abdominal pain.

Bri Nutrition has a vast amount of health products on the market and has done great amounts of research on their ingredients. Other issues Natrol’s supplement has caused include nauseous and headaches, both of which are not experienced after using Bri Nutrition.


Is Bri Nutrition 5-HTP Supplement right for you? The answer is yes. Depression often goes unnoticed and going through it alone can be very painful.

Bri Nutrition has developed a very powerful supplement that can help you with any type of depression you may be feeling. Feel better about yourself with Bri’s 5-HTP supplement. With other benefits like appetite restraint and sleep improvement, Bri has developed an all-around wonderful supplement.

Compared to other 5-HTP supplements on the market, BRI tops them all. With 120 capsules that are easy to swallow, you can experience a new you in no time at all.

Though you should be careful with the amount of dosage you take – the dopamine and serotonin that this supplement helps your body produce is natural and can turn your life around. If you have a loved one who suffers from major seizures, BriNutrition 5-HTP also helps with that.

Because the pills help with sleep, they are likely to cause some drowsiness. That is expected. However, you have no reason to be alarmed. BRI has researched all ingredients used in their supplement and ensured safe and high-quality proteins and vitamins.

Experience a happier you with BRI Nutrition’s 5-HTP supplement. However, keep in mind that over usage can cause worsening of your depression. This is the perfect supplement for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or any sleep disorder. No other supplement on the market for 5-HTP can compare to Bri Nutrition.

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