Increase short term memory

Have you ever walked into a room but once you get there, you suddenly forget why you went there in the first place? Do you forget a person’s name just after you have been introduced? These cases are examples of your short term memory failing.

What is short term memory?

According to, short-term memory is “a system for temporarily storing and managing information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.” It aids in the initiation and selection of information in the brain.

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Short-term memory can be tested by seeing how many items, words or numbers that an individual can hold onto and recall within a given amount of time. In memory span tests, the tester reads aloud a list of random numbers at the speed of one number per second. Then, the individual being tested is asked to recall the items in order. For adults, the average memory span is 7 numbers or items.

Memory loss

If you forget a person’s name or the reason for entering a room, you are experiencing memory loss, which is the occasional forgetfulness or loss of short-term memory that affects daily life. Although these cases are manageable and tolerable, memory loss can be an embarrassing issue.

Although normal age related memory loss does not hinder one from living a full life, be aware of more serious cases of memory loss. If you experience forgetfulness on a deeper level, you might be suffering from more serious mental deterioration. More serious causes of memory loss are Alzheimer’s disease, head trauma, etc.

Cause of memory loss

Memory loss is normally caused by aging, as our brains begin to shrink at the age of 20. As we age, the numbers of neurons in our brain begin to depreciate, brain tissues deteriorate, and the blood flow to the brain decreases. Here are some other causes of memory loss: medications, alcohol, tobacco, sleep deprivation, stress, and depression.

Improve short term memory

In order to prevent memory loss from further developing into serious mental illness, start improving your short term memory. Increasing short term memory does not need any brain surgery or expensive brain supplements. The following approaches are basic and effective ways to increase your short term memory:

  • Exercise your brain. You can give your brain healthy exercises which you will enjoy. These exercises come in the form of games and tests such as crossword puzzles, soduko, card games, and memory tests. Doing these once or twice a day can help enhance your short term memory.
  • Focus on the things you want to remember. One reason that people often forget things, such as the name of the person they recently met, is a lack of focus. Sometimes we are distracted by other things, so short term memory fails. Minimize distractions and concentrate on the information you want to remember most.
  • Incorporate your senses. Using all, or most, of your senses will increase the probability of you recalling information. This is because the scents, colours, sounds, and even tastes serve as markers to aid memory retention.
  • Change your lifestyle. If you smoke or eat unhealthily, you will experience negative effects to your body, as well as your memory. Therefore, to increase short term memory and enhance brain performance in general, maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B are ideal for the brain, and help memory building.
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle by way of daily exercise, or playing sports, also makes the brain healthy. With regular exercise, oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the brain.
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