What is Brain Training?

What is Brain Training?

With modernization, we are now faced with more complex problems. Life is not as simple as it was back in the old days. In order to successfully deal with this rapidly advancing society, it requires a fit mind capable of adapting to complexity.

Since almost everybody wants to keep their bodies fit, you may want to consider keeping your brain fit as well. With this, it could be highly probable to see brain training as mainstream as body training is today. But what is brain training?

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Brain training is also known as cognitive training. It aims to work on the brain’s core cognitive skills by using mental exercises.

Cognitive skills are responsible for reading, learning, remembering, and reasoning, paying attention and determining IQ. Often, the skills being targeted by brain training are attention, processing speed, long-term and short-term memory, logic and reasoning.

How does it work?

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt. It is the physiological change in the brain resulting from environmental interactions. Starting from the brain development in the womb (most critically during early childhood) until death, the various cell connections in the brain reorganize in response to the changing environment.

Neuroplasticity is responsible for learning from and adapting to various experiences. One example of neuroplasticity is the recovery of patients from stroke through rehabilitation and therapy.

Brain training takes advantage of neuroplasticity. It targets specific cognitive skills then teaches the brain to be better at it by using mental exercises, just like how patients with stroke undergo therapies. These mental exercises can be very intensive—it makes you think, learn, read, and remember.

This is because the brain develops best when it is challenged. Having the brain challenged through intense mental exercise helps in making lasting neuronal developments.

Who can brain train?

Some people think that brain training is only for kids. But even for adults, cognitive training could still be necessary. Cognitive skills do not necessarily improve through time. A child who struggles with cognitive skills often grows into an adult with the same struggles.

In fact, studies show that the brain reaches its peak performance at 16-25 years then declines after. For this reason, brain training is beneficial no matter how old you are. It can even be greatly advantageous for the middle-aged and elderly. Brain training is useful for everyone.


Brain training can help:

  • improve memory
  • improve decision-making
  • enhance productivity
  • improve communication skills
  • boost self-confidence
  • improve motivation
  • improve attention to detail
  • improve insight
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • improve focus
  • enhance awareness
  • improve concentration
  • boost self-esteem
  • prevent information overload

With all these benefits, brain training can eventually improve efficiency at performing tasks of different complexity—from making a shopping list to operating an equipment. This could benefit students by further enhancing arithmetic abilities and in preparing for exams.

Also, this can be beneficial to professionals by avoiding job burnout and improving efficiency at work. For seniors, this can help them stay mentally fit. Brain training is absolutely valuable for any age group and profession.

With all the hype, brain training became a big business. Companies started to offer digital training via mobile applications, computer or video games. Some companies offer a face-to-face training approach. These companies claim that they can help keep your brain sharp and reduce mental decline.

ZOX Pro Training

One of the companies that offer and specialize in brain training is ZOX Pro. They have been in the industry for over 35 years. It was launched in 1975 and have been assisting thousands of people around the world. They have helped professionals, executives, technicians, firefighters, police, military, doctors, families, and even students.

Basically, they have been providing trainings for people of different professions and of different ages. ZOX Pro claims that they can help you upload about 25,000 words per minute with 90-100% retention for life. Their claims are backed up by years of research and development which includes several university studies.

ZOX Pro uses different interactive tools which aim to improve reading speed, concentration, peripheral vision and eyesight, as well as to reduce stress. ZOX Pro Training not only provides lessons and exercises but also ways on how to apply what you have learned in the real world as well. For this training, the package includes several modules, item bonuses and supplemental training.

The modules contain mental exercises and discussions about ways to:

  • improve concentration
  • reduce stress
  • increase awareness
  • heighten intuition, perception, and peripheral vision
  • tap into natural photographic memory abilities
  • quickly develop mental photography skills
  • safeguard against subliminal advertising
  • trigger mentally photographed information
  • how to get most out of the ZOX Pro training program

All the modules are short not exceeding one hour. This makes it easier for you to squeeze in brain training in your busy everyday schedule.

Apart from the modules, below are the three item bonuses:

  1. Recordings discussing deep relaxation exercises and mind programming mastery.
  2. An e-book containing vast collection of inspired writings providing insight on how to master your own mind.
  3. Another e-book titled ‘Law of Attraction’ discussing how it works and how it can help you achieve success.

Supplemental trainings and tasks will be provided as well. The tasks given will be to further apply ZOX Pro Training in reality.

Our brain is our powerhouse. Who you are—your abilities, your traits, your favorites—is ultimately defined by your brain. Everybody wants to be a better version of themselves and brain training could be of great help. It primarily takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity by doing mental exercises. It is like a CrossFit training only it is for your brain.

Brain training can be a part of a healthy lifestyle just like physical exercise. They both help you stay fit well into old age. It offers a lot of advantages which leads to a better life quality. ZOX Pro Training offers several interactive tools to train your brain to be a better you.

Try the ZOX Pro Training and see for yourself!

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